Food Speciality

Resort in Kokan Beach
Malvan is popular for its Konkani veg & non-veg food especially for fish curry and rice.

At Kocharekar Niketan Resort, you can taste the Delicious Mouth-watering Malvani Cuisine made on the typical Indian barbeque (chulha). Malvani cuisine uses coconut liberally in various form to make food appetizing. The typical Konkani Non-Veg Thali includes Kombdi vade (consists of the traditional Malvani chicken curry including chicken pieces and vade like a puri which is a fluffy fried bread of wheat and nachni flour), Ghavan, Solkadhi (soup made from coconut milk and kokum).

There are some other Scrumptious Dishes like Surmai fry/curry, Malvani gavti chicken curry, Prawns fry/curry, Pomfret fry/curry , Bangda fry/curry, Saudala fry/curry, Kalva Curry, Barbeque Fish/Khekade (Chulivar Bhajele Mase). Also, Konkani veg food leaves a smile on your face where the dishes are Kaalya vatanyanchi chi ussal (black pea curry made using coconut and Malvani masala),Ghavane Chatni or Naral Rassa, Amboli Poli Chatni, Cashews curry(spicy curry of kajus), Phanasachi bhaji from jackfruit, chilies and spices.

Dessert completes the food like a happy ending completes the story. There are varieties in a dessert like Coconut Barfi (Naralachi Vadi) , Mangana (Goa Special), Patholi (Rice, Coconut & Jaggery).

Feel the beauty of nature with exploring the Konkan!

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