Site Seeing

Resort in Kokan Beach

Malvan is considered as a miniMaldives of Maharashtra. Khavane Beach of Maharashtra inhabits many estimable attractions nearby Vengurle beach, Malvan.

We, at Kocharekar Niketan Resort give you a chance to wander in Malvan, Vengurle to have glimpse of sightseeing places.


Scuba Diving In Tarkarli

We provide a separate vehicle to visit sightseeing places.

The best way to observe a fish is to be a fish! Enjoy scuba diving in the deep blue water in Tarkarli, Devbaug and see the mysterious marine world.

Under the dark sky near the beach a place like home, enjoy the bonfire night at Kocharekar Niketan Resort.

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Feel the beauty of nature with exploring the Konkan!

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